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Goldngun Retrievers  

Golden Retrievers for Hunts and Homes on Vancouver Island

UH HRCH NMH GMH GoldnGun Snipers Sharpshooter Qualified All Age WCX


SHOOTER, is not just a big red dog but a very handsome one as well.

Despite a very inconsistent training program that saw him jump from handler to handler because of
Rick’s unconventional job and schedule, he works well with all his handlers and has a healthy list of
accomplishments, including qualifying as a Canadian National Master Retriever in 2011.

He is a fierce competitor and admirable hunting partner. He can trap as many pheasant as he flushes
and has a great nose just like his parents. Eager to a fault and at times his intelligence has him question
his handlers but in the end he is a team player and bends to their wishes.