Goldngun Retrievers  

Golden Retrievers for Hunts and Homes on Vancouver Island

                                                           HRCH UH NMH  GOLDNGUN REBELICIOUS ARRIBA MH WCX CCA CGN
                                                                                    April 29, 2013

ARRIBA, ARRIBA, ARRIBA!!!!!!  Oh the fun we are having with this little minx.  Arriba is a bundle of enthusiasm with her momma Risq's tenacity and love of the water as well as her dad Czar's hunting style and trainability.   She has a gentle heart, with an incredible desire to  please, making her a pleasure to work with.  She has started her trial career off well and shows tremendous potential for the future. Arriba received her Working Certificate title at 13 months, being handled by our 4 yr granddaughter Rylee, what a great day that was!  A great performance by both handler and dog, what a team!   She has started her senior and seasoned test careers off well with very solid passes.  She is showing amazing skill and steadiness in upland hunting, she is sure to find her share of pheasants this year.