Quotes So, for sure I am a satisfied Mom! Goldngun Done On A Dare "Griffin" - or the "Little Prince" as he prefers to be called is just a hoot. Very outgoing and bold and he is only 10 weeks old. I so wanted a Streak and Dare puppy as I love both of those dogs for their nature and "thinkability". Both mom and dad are great hunting dogs in every meaning of the word so I have high hopes for my little boy. He has already started training in K9 Nosework (he loves it) and starts his first puppy obedience class tonight. This last weekend he attended his first hunt test as a spectator. He loved every bit of it from the guns, duck calls, wingers going off and ducks flying through the air and especially all of the fun people and dogs he met. Looking forward to starting him on ducks and water although he has already had his first swim in the creek and at the "Fit Fur Fun" dog pool in Saanich. Lucky dog! Quotes
Leslie Gardiner
Satisfied Mom

Quotes ...Goldngun Aspen ...born on January 4, 1999 is the greatest dog I have ever had the pleasure of owning ... She has hunted with me every year since I bought her and has truly amazed me from the first duck she retrieved for me to the last duck she retrieved for me (hope there are still more to come). Her first duck was wounded (I'm not the greatest shot) and the duck was flapped her in the head, so she dropped the duck picked it up again with the ducks wings pinned back and brought it back to me. You can't teach that to a dog. We have had some memorable hunts in Manitoba where Aspen and her lab friend Shadow were the only two dogs on an 8 person hunt and the dogs retrieved 64 ducks that day. Many a time has she tried to nose into the garage when it is her day off so she could come hunting with us. She's an awesome family dog who makes a yearly tour to my daughter's class for show and tell, and a little retrieving lesson for the kids. Quotes
Neil W
Greatest dog I ever owned