Goldngun Retrievers 

Golden Retrievers for Hunts and Homes on Vancouver Island

... The best long range shotgun load to have in one's boat for mallards is a fine retriever.

 Nash Buckingham, Duck Shooting, Field Stream, January, 1947.

Who we are ... 

Located in Mill Bay,Vancouver Island in British Columbia, GoldnGun Retrievers is own and operated by Rick and Louise Roberts as a small and selective breeding program  aiming to produce golden retrievers that excel not only as hunting companions and field and obedience trials competitors, but also as happy-go-lucky family companions, healthy and with a sound temperament.  

Rick and Louise are founding members of hunting retriever clubs in Vancouver Island such as Pacific Rim Hunting Retriever ClubSalt Chuck Hunting Retriever Club and long standing members ofVancouver Island Retriever Club.

 Active members that support and promote the sport by organizing, participating, judging and training in a variety of retriever events around Canada and the United States, the Roberts have extensive experience that is reflected on the quality of GoldnGun Retrievers. 

 The Robert's family hunts as often as possible ensuring their dogs are exposed to real hunting situations. Regardless of their involvement in the somewhat competitive world of field work and obedience, Rick and Louise ensure that the number one job of their 8 dogs is to be the furry members of the Roberts' family, well socialized with other people and their dogs and maybe the occasional lamb! 

As breeders Rick and Louise believe in the importance of providing support to their pups new homes and although they produce strong working dogs, they welcome "not working" families ready to provide a good active life to one of their dogs.

Whenever you visit the Roberts' home you will be received by the welcome committee eager to get the message across:

"We are happy to see you!

2013 Puppies
We are excited to announce the arrival of our new littler of pups! 




Risq is extremely birdie, an impressive marker and very athletic. Her calm disposition showed early as she ran her first trial at 18 months and passed while being handled by our four year old grandson Logan. Risq is very biddable, loves to work but can settle down and enjoys quiet time in the house. We have had such positive reports from Risq and Czar’s first litter, it seems like such a natural decision to repeat it.

Risq is a granddaughter of both FTCH AFTCH FC AFC Cdn OTCH TNT’s Explosion, UD, WCX, OS OHF, FDHF US Amateur National Finalist and FC AFC OTCH FTCH AFTCH MOTCH TNT’s Stanley Steamer, MH, FDHF, OBHF, Am. OTCH, UDX, FDHF, OBHF, OS.

Czar is a hard driving, tractable young male with style and potential. He too displays a calmness that makes training easier. His lineage includes Holway Barty, Smoking Red Devil, Razzmatazz, and Tangelo’s Sidekick. He is hunted extensively on upland birds and waterfowl and proves to be an excellent hunting, showing both desire and drive. He is quiet in the blind or walking to line at a test.

The lineage of both of these dogs show a proven pedigree of long lived, highly competitive, yet quiet temperaments that will make them excellent lifelong family companions.

Testimonials and news from our puppy owners
As the year comes to an end we sometimes receive updates and brags from our puppies' families. Here is what we have so far.

  • "...Goldngun Aspen ...born on January 4, 1999 is the greatest dog I have ever had the pleasure of owning ... She has hunted with me every year since I bought her and has truly ..."
    Neil W
    Greatest dog I ever owned
  • "So, for sure I am a satisfied Mom! Goldngun Done On A Dare "Griffin" - or the "Little Prince" as he prefers to be called is just a hoot. Very outgoing and bold and he is only 10..."
    Leslie Gardiner
    Satisfied Mom

OTCh HR Goldngun Ginger Dare to Flirt Can*** CGN, UD, SH, WCX, RNMCL 

(Dare x Flirt 2008, Owned by Terry Podritske and Maria Soto de P.)

2012 was an incredible year for Ginger earning her CKC OTCH title in May. Ginger and Maria completed the CKC UD title in a single weekend passing 3 out of 4 trials with a combined score of 192.3! This girl have earned all her CKC obedience titles in a flash passing 3 out of 4 trials in single weekend events with  a High in Class for each qualifying score in Novice and Utility. Ginger is the first Goldngun dog to earn an OTCH and we are very proud of her! 

In the field Ginger  earned her first CKC Master Hunter ribbon and two HRC Finished passes! Also Ginger finished her CARO Novice Rally Obedience title with a combined score of 195 and three additional passes at the Advanced Rally level in a single day (no title was awarded since all 3 passes were under a single judge). 

Way to go Genius Dog!  

Goldngun Winchester RumbleShot JH

Chester is a pup from our February littler. He is showing great potential in field work and obedience.

In August Chester earned 10 HRC points by qualifying in two Started  test at the Salt Chuck Hunter Retriever Club test. In September, Chester also qualified in three back to back Junior Hunter test earning his CKC Junior Hunter title at only 6 months of age. His family is very proud!! 

In obedience, Chester qualified in two AIOC and two CKC Pre-novice runs this past November. 

This pup is must be trying to  keep up with his sister Ginger!